I want to help you create a legacy in the life insurance industry

-MJ Harris, CEO

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Learn how to build financial wealth for you and your family. 

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We will provide you with the best training, support, and guidance to help you build a business in one of the world's most profitable industries. 

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Our program provides you with access to mentorship at each step of the way.

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Our training and support services can help you grow a sustainable and profitable business in the financial services industry.

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No one wants to always bug their family and friends to buy anything! Our team members can be provided with access to potential clients.

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We Help You Get Licensed

Getting your insurance license can be easy and fast! We can help our team members get their insurance licenses in their home state, or nationwide!

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What our team says about us...

Actual reviews and testimonials from team members...

Laroyce F.

"[I submitted] 2 apps for Mutual of Omaha from the leads system. $1,846!  Thank you Malcolm Harris for helping us grow our business!

Morece F.

"I closed $2,400 on my first appointment/lead today..."

Consuela G.

"I did $720 annualized premium on my first lead." 


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